I continue to be amazed at the good work my clients do in the world. I love being a part of that work — whether I’m interviewing luminaries in the nonprofit world or writing about the rufous hummingbird. Below is a selection of my corporate and organizational copywriting projects. Clients range from international companies communicating in English, to nonprofits and small businesses in Oregon. House styles vary from American English to UK English or hybrids of both. Click on the link to the sample and a new window will open. (Some samples are in PDF form, so you may need to download Adobe Acrobat here if you do not already have it.)

The Soul Box Project

When the news about mass shootings and deaths by gunfire got to be too much, I found this socially engaged community art project and asked, “How can I help?” For the first three years of the project, I served as communications director, providing a wide range of writing support for this pro bono client. From fellowship and grant applications to newsletters to blog posts to talking points, I donated hours of time to help shift the gun culture in our country.

Sample Blog Post (ghostwritten) – Those Who Came Before

Stakeholder Newsletter


Building livable communities with transit. That’s the tagline of the annual Rail~Volution conference. One of my first Portland clients, I’ve written their brochure and conference program since 2010. Copy and ideas come from all over the US. Working closely with the core committee, I set the theme and tone for the written communications.

2020 Virtual Conference Program

2018 Conference Program (excerpt)

2015 Conference Program (sample bios and workshop descriptions)

2013 Save-the-Date card

2011 Conference Program (sample pages)

2010 Conference Brochure

Ferguson Wellman Capital Management

Writing the Ferguson Wellman annual report means writing about much more than numbers. The 2019 report was an exploration of company and human values viewed through the lens of design. The 2020 report? It’s a record of an extraordinary time in history.

2019 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

The Collins Foundation

The Collins Foundation is an independent, private foundation that “exists to improve, enrich, and give greater expression to humanitarian endeavors in the state of Oregon and to assist in improving the quality of life in the state.” Contributing to their annual report always means talking to people who are doing good work in Oregon or learning about the work the Foundation funds around the state. Here are three examples of interview pieces I wrote for their annual reports.

2015 Collins Foundation Annual Report (Excerpt)

2013 Collins Foundation Annual Report (Excerpt)

2011 Collins Foundation Annual Report (Excerpt)

Audubon Society of Portland

Why do you do what you do? And why do you do it for the birds? For the 2010 annual report, I talked to the people who support the Audubon Society of Portland: the volunteers, the employees and the donors. I used their stories to tell the story of the organization. More than a dozen interviews went into the stories that make up this annual report that’s more than numbers and milestones.

Audubon Society of Portland 2010 Annual Report

In 2011 Portland Audubon’s annual report was all about the birds. Backed up by research and interviews, I helped readers bone up on their avian knowledge while learning about Audubon’s work throughout Oregon.

Audubon Society of Portland 2011 Annual Report


Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI)

From 2006 – 2015, I produced materials for CBI. Projects included brochures, press releases and special projects to promote the organization’s participation in European trade fairs. For each fair, I distilled copy and information from small business owners in developing countries (almost always non-native English speakers) into easy-to-read promotional copy for a global audience.

Biofach Fair Brochure

A Couple of Websites 

For Trish York Travel, I worked with the client to bring her favorite destinations to life. With TVT Diecasting, I went beyond nuts and bolts to communicate how the promises made by the company founder still hold true 35 years later. With Kennedy Watts Arellano & Ricks, I concentrated on what makes the small legal firm with a solid reputation stand out to clients.

Trish York Travel 

TVT Diecasting

Kennedy Watts Arellano & Ricks

Clips of Past Favorites


For this apparel company, I composed smart “news” stories relating to an original fairy tale commissioned by Oilily. I highlighted the adventures of Oi and Lily, as well as the Spring 2006 Firebird-themed clothing catalog. The text appealed to both children and parents.

Front Page of “Newspaper” (Catalog Wrap for Firebird Spring 2006 Collection)


This was a comprehensive campaign to introduce Scirus, a scientific search engine. I wrote copy for an audience of smart, tech-savvy scientists, librarians and students around the world. The campaign and promotional products were developed by Artmiks [image builders] in Amsterdam.
Found at Scirus magazine
Door hanger
Marketing fact sheet
Tote bag


This was a commemorative photography book to celebrate Feadship’s centennial. I conveyed, in words, the luxury and craftsmanship of Feadship’s megayachts to accompany the dramatic lifestyle and historical photography in the book. The book was produced by Lenthe Communications in The Netherlands.
Book excerpt

Ernst & Young

In Focus was Ernst & Young’s International Hospital Survey in 2006. I coordinated draft input from experts in eight countries (most non-native English speakers) and rewrote text for a consistent voice throughout the 100-page report on healthcare trends. The report was produced by Adequaat Communicatie, The Netherlands.
In-Focus Summary of Key Findings – sample

Amstel Quartet

This was a website and a wrap for a high-profile digital music release. I wrote copy to capture the spirit of four versatile young saxophonists as they broke onto the international musical scene. The brochure and website were produced by Artmiks [image builders] in Amsterdam.

Inchcape plc

I put together the company’s first internal communications program to facilitate a major corporate reorganization in 1996. I developed the program and communicated details to 40,000 employees around the world. This was an in-house consulting project for the Inchcape Corporate Communications Department, London.
Inchcape World, in-house magazine article describing program

The John Adams Institute

I wrote direct mail newsletters to members and the interested public. In this particular sample, I captured the audience experience to potential members through a personal story. I wrote copy for this and follow-on newsletters, as well as speeches for the organization director. Pro-bono for John Adams Institute in Amsterdam.
Direct mail brochure