About Me

Choose the right words and put them in the right order – that’s what I do. It’s that simple.

Of course, most people who hire me want to know some additional information, so here are some more words:

I have over 35 years of communications experience in six countries, including a diverse range of writing and consulting projects for international companies. I have also been an editor and journalist, covering the arts, travel and foreign business development in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

In 2004 I developed my 40 Excuses to Get Together with the Girls workshops, designed to help women explore new interests while spending time with their friends. My first book came out of those workshops.

I believe there’s never a bad experience, just a good story. I love telling tales about offbeat subjects and people. Whether I write about it or not, I find a lot of humor in everyday life.

I am conscientious about deadlines, research and commitments. I’m very organized and I regularly coordinate information from several sources at a time. I write for clients in both American and British English and several proprietary hybrids of the two. I’m comfortable working with people whose first language is not English.

I’ve lived and worked in the United States, the Netherlands, Uzbekistan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. I now live, work and write in Portland, Oregon.

My rates are competitive, but I am also open to pro bono work (for the right cause) and barter arrangements (for the right stuff).

This site is not about me, it’s about my work. It’s a portfolio where you can choose exactly what you need to make a hiring decision.

For a full professional history, please visit my LinkedIn profile here.

And for more words, feel free to contact me.

Nanci Tangeman

Here’s how to find me:


+1 (503) 473 1996

Nanci  A. Tangeman LLC is a limited liability company, registered in the state of Oregon.