40 Excuses

Ignite a passion. Share your stories. Explore something new with my book and workshops. Think “Girl Scout troop for adults.” You’ll find an easy system, designed to give you excuses to get together with your girlfriends, your sisters, your coworkers, your neighbors…

Whether you participate in a workshop or read the book, 40 Excuses to Get Together with the Girls gives you more than 300 activities designed to let you explore new things and escape your everyday life. The concept is simple: You choose what interests you. Your girlfriends choose what interests them. Then you all get together to talk about what you’re doing!

Sign up for a Day of Play. Start three months of exploration with a kick-off get-together. Invite a little 40 Excuses into your next conference or retreat. Or, just grab some books and some girlfriends and get started!

Stop making excuses!

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