Women Making Excuses

What do women who’ve already made 40 Excuses have to say?

“I was in a rut with no inspiration to get out and do something: my job, my relationship and social life included. I wasn’t depressed, but just stuck. When you are around a dynamic group of women it can’t help but rub off. I was inspired by their experiences and accomplishments – it was kind of a kick in the pants. While trying to accomplish my goals, I started to accomplish other goals that I didn’t even choose. It really was a big NO EXCUSE for sitting around. It’s good to be around such an interesting and talented group of women.” Elizabeth

“I really like that this experience makes you try a few new things – not too many, but enough to get you a little outside your comfort-zone and do things you might not otherwise do. I probably would not have gone to another religion’s services without having Excuse #21 (because I need a little peace and spirituality) as a reason.” Kathy

“I’m the queen of the flashing 12:00! 12:00! 12:00! on every appliance. Last week I hit some button on my cell phone and now it only sends text messages in French. I have two DVD players at my place and I can’t figure out which hole to put them in … and the funny thing is, for the past 15 years I’ve worked in information technology for IBM, British Telecom and SAP! I need to do this excuse.” Sheila about Excuse #31 (because I need to get a handle on technology)

About Excuse #18 (because I’m really a Bad Twin inside): “I’m an overachiever. I’m going to try to not to make my bed for two weeks, not just one.” Susan (week one) … “I told my coworkers that I had appointments outside the office for the afternoon and spent three hours in Ikea! My boss called when I was there and I told him I was walking between appointments.” Susan (week eight)

“I worked on Excuse #20 (because I like my wildlife indoors) on my vacation to Venice. It just made the week so much more fun and romantic. My husband thanks you.” Myia

“Our cottage has always been a place of games, but over the past five years or so that has gone by the wayside. I resurrected that tradition this summer because of Excuse #38 (because I want to exercise that muscle in my head). I enjoyed it a lot and so did everyone that I dragged along.” Lynn

“A group of women can go out, do 25 different things, but still come together and meet with a common purpose, all the while remaining authentic to what is of interest and importance in her own individual life. I think with the way people can hide behind email and the growing problems with social phobia, it is important to have books that bring people together socially.” Noel, who learned to drive a stick shift for Excuse #37 (because I really, really need to do this).

Christine: This mother of two toddlers tackled Excuse #4 (because I want to capture the moment). She showed her group this photo of her son, taken to complete the “boy” assignment. Would she have taken the photos if she weren’t working with her friends on the book? “No,” she replied. “But I would have wanted to.”